Thursday, May 28, 2015


CJ's newest phrase is, "Awwww."  It isn't so much the "aww, cute" as it is the dramatic, "Awwww, shucks."  He drops something and says, "Awwww."  He loses a shoe and says, "Awwww."  He hits his head on something and says, "Awwwww."  He throws his plate of food and says, "Awwww."  He hits me in the head with a block and says, "Awwww."  I mean, it was cute for a little while.

Today is my mommy's 54th birthday!  My dad didn't get to be there for it since he's started his radiation treatment in St. Louis which is sad, plus some other personal stuff is going on so I'm sure it wasn't her favorite birthday.  My oldest sister and her family took her out for dinner & dessert though.  CJ ended up texting her and calling her while we were on a walk this evening.  He must have known she needed cheering up!

Today was just a rough day for me as a parent.  I felt like I was fighting the same battles over and over again all day with CJ. He'd eat a meal and throw his food.  He'd get into drawers, doors, and cabinets he knows he's not supposed to be in.  He'd throw things and bang things.  Then he'd fight me when he needed a new diaper, and he'd fight me at nap time.  He likes to use my belly as a kick board, and it doesn't feel good at all.  Over and over again, it was the same things.  I'm sure every kid and their parents go through these things, but that doesn't make it any easier when you are going through it yourself.  I just want my son to be a perfect angel like I was for my mother.  ;)

At least one funny thing did happen today that I can recall.  The garbage truck was coming and CJ was finishing his lunch so I moved his seat right in front of the door so he could watch out the window and be entertained for free.  So he is sitting there in complete shock as the garbage truck pulls up, the man hops out, takes our trash can, does his thing, and goes back to the truck.  The man saw CJ in the window with his mouth wide open and waved at him.  Normally my son is the first to wave or say, "Hi!" or, "Bye!"  Not this time though.  Complete amazement.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Snuggling is Wonderful

This past weekend, Hubby got to take half of Saturday off and all of Sunday off which is huge!  We were planning on just hanging out, but after finding out that the brakes on our car were in dire need of replacement, we went to Ma & Pa Neuby's house Sunday after church so he and his dad could replace them.  Now he has learned a skill that can be used over and over again in the future.  Also, he got to go to church which was exciting for both of us!  I had someone the other Sunday say, "Now I don't mean to intrude, but I noticed your husband hasn't been here in a while...."  Of course my fingers have started swelling so I don't wear my wedding rings either so I'm sure that only leads to further confusion.  Now I have a Princess Kate ring that I got in a size larger than my regular size to wear so at least something shiny is on my ring finger.

CJ got to feed Jasmine and Ranger some tall clover and alfalfa.  Or should I say just Ranger because anyone who knows these horses knows that Ranger always makes sure he gets fed while Jasmine stands behind begging for food.  He tried giving them some short grass, but I envisioned his fingers getting chomped right off and put a stop to that before he had a chance.

My plan was to wash all the dirty laundry in the house.  When I put the first load in the dryer and turned it on, an awful noise started in.  There went my plans.  I ended up hanging those outside to dry and waited for Hubby to come home and rescue me that evening. He fixed it!  A piece of sandpaper (from my chair project) had gotten pushed down into the lint trap when I cleaned it out.  Lesson learned:  Don't do laundry when you have a toddler about.  Don't use the top of your dryer as storage space for random things.

We went for a family walk this evening!  Wow, does Hubby walk a lot faster than I can now.  I feel like my pelvis is literally falling apart lately from the weight/pressure of the baby.  So after that walk, I was pretty much beat.

I got some snuggle time with CJ today!  I had a show playing in the background, and CJ had just woken up a little bit ago so he climbed up in my lap and snuggled with me.  :)  I am really hoping I still get lots of snuggling with him once baby comes.  He never snuggled until the past few months so I feel like I've missed out.

He also started walking like he had just gotten off a horse.  I thought maybe his pants were on wrong or something, but when I changed his diaper, I discovered that he had gotten a really bad diaper rash in just a short amount of time.  Poor thing.  So we gave him some air time after his bath, smeared it with the good stuff before bed, and prayed that it would go away by morning time.

Also, our roof started leaking today in the bathroom.  It was leaking through the bathroom fan/vent/whatever it's called.  The landlord said he would think it would be a condensation issue rather than a roof leak because it seemed like too much of a coincidence for it to leak there to him.  However, I think it would be a bigger coincidence for a condensation issue to happen during the heaviest part of a storm when no one had been showering and running the fan.  We'll see who is right I guess.  The good news is--it's not my house so I don't really care much.  Obviously, if it's leaking into the tub it isn't hurting any of my own personal property so he can do whatever he wants.  Just as long as he isn't replacing the roof when I have a brand new baby. The woman is always right, right?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Walking the Dog

Seriously, time is flying by me!  A week has passed already since I woke up feeling sick??  Is that right?  It probably goes faster because I have to be faster every day to catch up to CJ--which isn't exactly easy given my current condition.  I can relate to several things--penguins, turtles on their backs, beach balls, watermelons.  Just imagine a penguin trying to catch up to a toddler.

I don't really remember what happened these days other than church.  It rained some.  The new pastor was officially ordained.  Hubby worked.  I sniffled and coughed.  CJ got into trouble probably while looking adorable.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my midwife.  She told me to come up with a birth plan which I have never done before.  My hormones got the best of me every time I tried working on it because I was imagining every single detail of the labor and delivery.  I cannot wait for baby boy to get here!  Hubby was just saying before going to work how much fun it's going to be having "2 of them."  While in the waiting room, a little boy (around 3-4 years old) saw that CJ had a toy in his hands and ran up and grabbed it from him.  While telling him to give the toy back his mom was saying, "Sorry! He doesn't have siblings and isn't around little kids!" CJ could have cared less, but it was funny to think that we'll be dealing with that same situation in no time.

Then we went to get the oil changed, tires rotated, and car washed.  It was a dealership which had a playroom, popcorn machine, coffee, and bottled juice and water.  Needless to say, I had no problem occupying CJ for 45 minutes while there.  Now we have to get new brakes and rotors for our car because apparently they're pretty much non-existent at this point.  We'll be visiting Pa Neuby on Sunday so he can show Hubby how to do them.  I've watched my dad do them on my Malybooboo before so I at least know what they look like! haha.

Today, I got the idea that CJ could walk Lyna around the back yard.  We don't have a real fence so the dog is attached to a cable when she is outside.  So I left her attached to that and hooked the leash up to her and handed it over to CJ.  I figured he knows by now what to do with a leash since we've been going for walks almost every day.  He loved trying to get Lyna to move.  Of course, she might be crazy when she's alone, but in the company of others she's pretty much like a mule.  Eeyore to be exact.  He'd pull with all his might until he fell down.  I got the idea to record him "walking" her this evening, and I'm so glad I did because he ended up running smack into the gutter.  Not enough to hurt himself, but just enough to make me laugh.

We also locked Lyna in her prison cell and walked to a "nearby" park.  It is exactly a half mile walk from the house  which is exactly how far the park was from my house growing up so I thought it wouldn't be that bad.  Clearly I'm out of shape.  This is the same park where CJ "broke his leg" but just for April Fools.  He wanted to go down that slide again, but I decided against it and helped him go down a different slide.  School had just gotten out so there were a ton of buses and cars driving by while I pushed him in the swing.  It's nice that he is so easily amused.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Who stole the cookies?

Today, I woke up feeling rather sick to my head.  The beginnings of a sinus infection--the symptoms of which I am all to familiar with.  It happens every allergy season usually more than once.  However, I got dressed (in a tshirt that sort of fits and my worst pair of jeans) and went on with my day. I saw a jar of cookie mix that has been sitting on the shelf for a month or so and decided if anything would make me feel better, cookies definitely would be it.  Of course, we had slowly eaten a lot of the chocolate chips and M&M's from it.  So I made the "Healthy(ish) Monster Cookies."  When I mixed the batter up, it wasn't quite sticky enough--very crumbly.  So I added a banana because I am not allergic to bananas if they are baked.  I still need to google if baking bananas kills the potassium or not, but I really need the extra potassium because I get horrible leg cramps nightly and I'm allergic to pretty much everything with potassium in it.  Anyway, on to the funny(ish) part of the healthy(ish) cookies.  CJ has not been a climber--until today.  He hasn't once made it on the kitchen table--just the chairs.  However, I let him have one cookie after he finished his lunch, and that was enough motivation to learn to climb onto the table to steal cookies from the cooling racks.  Every time I turned around, he was on the table stealing cookies.  He cried when I put the remaining cookies in a container on top of the fridge.  I am positive he ate at least 5 cookies yesterday.  At least they were healthy!  Ish.

He also discovered a way to climb up a couple boxes and fling himself over the arm of the couch.  Over. And over.  And over.  And over again.

CJ was pointing out the sliding glass door saying, "Ba!  Ba! Ba!"  I thought maybe he saw a bunny.  Then I realized he was pointing at two little birds.  So I said, "Oh yeah, it's a bird!"  So he proceeded to bounce like a bunny.  I told him, "Birds fly like this."  Then I did my best wing flap and asked if he could do it also.  He sat down and laid flat on the ground.  Dead bird was all I could think.

As a side note, my chair project is coming along nicely I

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Learning to Talk

It has been wonderful to have a couple evenings with my husband home.  Sitting on the couch doing nothing but watch TV, and getting to talk a little after CJ goes to bed has been wonderful.  However, I told him that while I love actually getting to see him, a part of me just wants to run away to Target or I-don't-care-where all by myself while he stays home with CJ and the dog, but a bigger part of me wants to enjoy the chance to see him.  Baseball season is so hard sometimes.  He hasn't had a day off since the middle of April.  He's hoping to be able to take tomorrow off completely, but even then, he is still guaranteed to get phone calls.  Thankfully my sister in-law was kind enough to watch CJ for a few hours last weekend while I went to a bridal shower, so at least I have had a little breathing time in addition to Sunday mornings at church.

CJ was really trying to make out some new words today, which is encouraging.  According to his pediatrician, I shouldn't worry--he hit the minimum for the amount of words he should be speaking at 18 months.  I think I just worry because so many other kids his age are fluent in the English language it seems.  He was making sounds that sound like water, fan, diaper, and a few other this evening while getting ready for bed.

He also is trying to scale to new heights.  At one point while I was trying to wash some dishes, I looked over and saw him standing on top of a chair at the table trying to get some loose change.  A choking hazard and a fall hazard--great parenting there.

We went for a walk yesterday, and in honor of the new princess, we walked down Charlotte Street.  I told CJ all about how neat it is that the prince was born the same year he was, and that the princess is born the same year his brother will be born.  He didn't seem to care.

Upcoming Project

I am pretty excited about this!  So we have 4 chairs for our kitchen table.  We bought the table brand new with one small scratch for like $30-40 at a JC Penney furniture outlet when we first got married.  Then we used gift cards to get the chairs.  Thus far, it has worked for us.  However, with CJ sitting in a chair with a booster seat, and baby on the way soon to be sitting in the high chair that also straps to a seat, that pretty much leaves nothing else except for bar stools when we have guests.  I've been keeping an eye out on Craigslist and other Facebook resale groups  for a couple extra chairs that we could use.

I managed to find these 3 ladder back rush seats a Facebook group for $25 for all 3!  That's $8.33 a piece!  I mean, how could I pass that kind of steal up?  Hubby was excited because they remind him of Cedar Campus.

I still haven't quite decided how I'm going to fix them up, but I have several ideas.  Some of them will require hubby's assistance, which isn't necessarily available much during the baseball season.  We'll see what I decide to do.  I have already given them a good cleaning with some Murphy's Oil & added a little hot glue to the few stray pieces of cane webbing.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Craigslist's Most Interesting

I am a Craigslist fan--for buying and selling.  I often find really crazy random stuff that people post on there.  Like this:

Friday, May 01, 2015

Not too shabby of a week

Last Saturday, the game was delayed so we took advantage of a few hours of time together as a family and went to my in-laws' farm.  We mostly just said hi to the horses, but it was nice to be together for a change of pace.  Sunday evening, hubby was able to come home from work before bedtime so we built a temporary fence together in the dark.  I'm sure when my neighbor woke up the next day, he was a little confused as to how it got there.  He's been working ever since then so I'm looking forward to him maybe getting some time (a half a day maybe???) off.

CJ, Lyna, and I have just been hanging out enjoying the perfectly perfect weather.  CJ has learned how to kick a ball now which is fun.  It diverts his attention from automatically wanting to throw everything--blocks included.  He also says "ta da" which means "touch down" when he throws a football.  He also says "good girl" pretty well ("goo gir") when he's talking to Lyna.  He has finally started doing the sign for "thank you" to go along with "please."  He officially knows manners!  Now we just have to get him to do them at the right times.  At some point during the week, CJ found my phone and managed to call his dad at work.  I found him sitting on the couch having a full out conversation with him.  I'm not sure how much his dad understood other than "HI!"  We went garage sale shopping this morning, and he held my hand and walked with me at some places or followed close behind me at others.  He also enjoyed picking up little pieces of trash or dirt off of other people's garage floors and handing them to me.  We found some blinds to replace the ones we broke first thing in this house, but that was it.  As we were leaving the sales he would wait until we were almost to the car to say, "Buh bye!"  I love it how people are always trying to say hi to him and be friendly and he usually responds with a blank stare.  Then as they are walking away he'll finally say, "Hi!"  Toddlers are pretty funny like that.  Tonight we were praying before bed, and I had my eyes closed and he leaned in and gave me a sloppy wet kiss that I wasn't expecting.  Next time I sing that one song, "How He Loves Us," I'll have to remember that kiss.  He's definitely the cutest prince I've ever kissed before.

Baby seems to be moving all over the place right now.  I was just thanking God that he hasn't been all in my ribs so far.  Guess what he just moved into?  Ribs.