Monday, October 13, 2014

It wasn't my plan to make....

(This was written in early October, but I never got the chance to publish it because I found out the news and then had to go buy packing tape & find boxes the next day.)

So, we're moving in less than a month!  Surprise!  That's pretty much how I got the news.  On Monday, we renewed our lease for another year because we didn't think we were going anywhere anytime soon and all the kinks had been worked out in this house.  On Tuesday at 3 p.m., my husband got a call that said, "Hey, you're going to be doing blah, blah, blah now in X, location so you better get packing."  Sooo, yeah.  We're only moving 100 miles away this time instead of 2,000.  Hubby then drove to our property manager's office and asked for the renewal paper back.

When people ask when we moved to where we are now, I say January, but I realize we moved in November.  However, we had to find a place once we got here, get the lease signed and get the keys, move the stuff in, wait a few days for the heat to be turned on.  Then we found out we had chunks of rust coming through all of our pipes and some pipes had no water coming through at all.  So then it was mid-December before we actually got to move in.  We had been living with my generous in-laws and commuting.  Of course, when we moved in we spend 3 nights here and left for Christmas vacation.  So really, it was January before we got to live here officially in my mind.  So we've been here for 10-11 months, and now the adventure continues.

I'm not sure how much detail I'm allowed to go into, so I'll just say that my husband is changing roles in his job, working for the same company, and moving in a direction that he is very excited about.  We are moving to the same town where my parents first started their family, where my father in-law was raised, and where my grandma in-law (cutest ever!) currently lives.  (It is also where my best friend's in-laws live so we get to go shopping together when she visits them!)  I feel like we are following in our parents' footsteps, and that is kind of neat and interesting.  Plus I get to see my (*hubby's) grandma a lot more!  That is as long as she doesn't have a heart attack when she finds out that her grandson & great grandson are moving to town.  It is the same distance to my in-law's house and about an hour closer to my parent's house.

So those are all good things, but I am a little bit torn up about it at the same time.  In CA, it took me almost the full 2 years to finally start to build relationships with other people.  It was a big culture shock initially, took us a while to realize we needed to change churches, and then to start meeting people.  After we moved here, I decided that I would just dive right in.  So once we decided on a church, I marked on my visitor card that I wanted to join a small group.  It took longer than I was hoping to find a matching group, time and for me to remember to wake up early that day, but within a few months I found a mom's Bible study to go to.  The moms in that group are amazing, and I have already learned so much.  I have started to get to know some of them better now that MOPS is going on and we've had a few socials to meet with our kids.  It felt like such a perfect fit, and I was excited to build relationships that way.  So I am very sad that this "perfect fit" is going to have to come to a close just like last year after we had finally started to meet people.  I was even feeling confident that we were in the right church and had asked Peter, "So at what point do you become members of a church?"  Well, I guess we'll never become members because we're always moving.  At least we have a baby still which makes it 100x easier to meet people even if we can't be friends for longer than a year or two at a time.

I know in my heart that the Lord has better plans for me no matter where He sends us and that He has something for me to learn from this experience just like in the past.  So I am trusting in Him.  At the same time, I am fully human and fully imperfect, so I am a little bitter that I have to pack up the whole house on short notice again, break our lease a month early (or rather pay for an extra month when we aren't here), and restart friendships again.  So I would appreciate prayers for the adjustment and accepting of God's plans for me.