Saturday, April 23, 2016

Chaos of the Season

It's been a while since I've posted anything.  That pretty much should explain what I've been doing.  Chasing kids.  Hubby's baseball season has picked up so I feel him next to me in the middle of the night when he gets home and then I see him in the morning before he goes back to work.  In a typical day during the season when he has a game (which has been every day for the past 3 weeks except I think 3 days), he will wake up with the rest of us at 7 (or 6 lately).  CJ will cry and whine for a good amount of time.  Then he'll leave by 9 at the latest and get home around 1 a.m., sometimes one or two hours later and other times an hour earlier.  This stadium does the local college's home baseball games in addition to their minor league team so he is doubly busy.

In my day, I'll wake up, nurse the baby, make coffee, try to calm CJ down, maybe try to do my hair or make up before Hubby leaves, eat and/or feed breakfast to myself and littles, try to act really excited about Hubby going to work, do laundry, keep Bubby from dying, keepy CJ from dying, keep CJ from killing Bubby, keep Lyna from killing CJ, keep CJ from killing Lyna, try to survive, drink cold coffee, more laundry, change diapers, put Bubby down for a nap, go outside with CJ, whack dandelions with CJ's garden hoe, pull weeds, plant grass, water dirt, wish grass would grow, wonder how dandelions grow so easily, ok, I'm going to stop there.  We'll go for a walk usually if it's nice and maybe go to a park.  Tuesdays is speech therapy.  Wednesdays are library days where we'll go to Toddler Time if I'm feeling really brave (usually ends up being every other week), or we'll just go to get books and a movie.  I'll try to go to a store at some point.  CJ and Bubby will nap at the same time for about 15 minutes every few days in which I end up sitting and saying, "Woah.  What. Just. Happened."  Then one of them wakes up.  At this point, CJ is sleeping longer than Bubby in terms of hours, but Bubby takes 2 naps instead of one like CJ.  CJ was waking at 6 a.m. for several days in a row because it's so bright out in the mornings so I ended up draping a blanket behind their curtain to block the light which seems to have gotten him closer to waking at 7 thankfully!  At some point during my day, I whip out my phone to read in Proverbs and get my Jesus on.  It hasn't been going so well though because--Children.  If I try reading after they go to bed, I fall asleep. [honesty.]  My days are crazy busy, crazy fun., and crazy hard.  After the boys go to bed around 8 p.m., I facebook/Netflix/chill.  I get really anxious then because I don't like being alone that late at night.

Projects that I have going on:  Sanding and staining our outdoor bistro set (started), painting a sign (not started), spray painting a brass picture frame (done), organizing boy clothes (ongoing).  [Pause here:  Bubby just started creeping along the couch while I'm typing this.  Ahh!!!]

I hurt my right shoulder 2 weeks ago.  I should say, the boys hurt my shoulder 2 weeks ago.  I was really hoping it would start getting better on its own, but it's not.

Ok, Bubby is getting into to much for me to finish this, so I'm just going to leave it at that.  Life is busy. Life is crazy.  Life is so good.