Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Non-Interview with my 2 year old

So CJ just recently turned 2.  Since he has probably 60 words in his vocabulary right now--most of which other people can't understand, I can exactly have an interview with him.  He'd just answer every question with "no."  So here is what I think he would say about himself.

What makes him happy? Daddy, poo poo, and pee pee (in the potty), going on the slide ("Wee! Wee!")What makes him sad? When Daddy goes "honk! honk!" (to work)
What makes you laugh? Peek-a-boo, Bubby
How old is he? Two
How old is Mommy? 26
How old is Daddy? Just turned 29 (though he was 28 on CJ's b-day)
Favorite thing to do? Throw balls.
Best friend? Lyna and Bubby
What are you really good at? Throwing balls accurately. 
What did you do today? Walk in the new stroller ("Waaaa"), watch garbage trucks (*insert air brakes sound here*), Spill the vanilla
Favorite food? The healthy stuff of course--hot dogs, chicken nuggets ("nana"), and Fiber Bars from Aldi.  I do try to keep the snacks to healthier options at least, but he's proven to be a picky eater unless you call it a "pork nugget" instead of a pork chop.
Favorite song? The Wheels on the Bus
Favorite color?  Either blue or yellow, but I don't think he's narrowed this one down yet.  (Perhaps I'm imagining that he likes yellow.)
Favorite animal? Lyna, Jasmine, and Ranger.  Lyna is our dog, and he LOVES dogs.  We just met another beagle named Dale on our walk this morning, and he was overjoyed.   He also loves the horses ("Neigh!!!") that his Grandma and Grandpa have.  He loves to feed them corn ("Cooorrrr!!!") when we visit.  In fact, we pull into their driveway, and as soon as his feet hit the ground he takes off to go see them and then heads straight to the corn crib.  It will be interesting to see how Christmas is this year at their house since he just loves them so much.

Favorite toy? Balls, trucks, and his new toy peek-a-boo Elmo
Favorite fruit? Bananas
Favorite book? Kai-lan's Sunny Day (It's apparently from some Nick Jr. tv show, but I just found it at a thrift store. Parts of it are in Chinese.)
Favorite thing to do outside?Throw balls.  Seriously, future pitcher or something.
 Favorite Show Sesame Street.  We don't spend much time watching TV, but if we do, he LOVES Elmo.  I think the producers of Sesame Street hit the jackpot with Elmo.  I mean, we're talking a kid who is not very good at speaking for his age yet he can say "Elmo" very clearly and he can recognize just a fraction of Elmo's face.
Favorite movie I don't think he's watched a movie yet??

CJ is so much fun right now, but he is also so much work.  He finds joy in just about everything, which can be problematic when that involves dumping an entire container of cinnamon upside down.  I'm pretty much a joy-killer at this point, but I'm ok with that role.  He can't have everything he wants in life.  I saw an article about temper tantrums that was posted on facebook and people were commenting, "Oh my kid never had a temper tantrum," and "If your kid has a temper tantrum, then you're giving them freedom to have one," and "blah, blah, blah."  Maybe we have different definitions, but I've realized that the most common reason for CJ throwing a fit is because I won't let him do something he shouldn't be doing or when I won't let him have something he shouldn't have.  So if he's going to throw a fit because I won't let him play with the hot waffle iron or throw blocks at his brother's head, then that's how it's going to be.  I can try to offer him something better to do, but sometimes he just needs a few minutes to collect himself before you can even suggest an alternative.  That was a tangent. Woops!  Anywho....

He is starting to interact more with other children.  He is often shy when we meet new friends at the playground, but he'll often chase them around or pretend like they're chasing him.  He's doing so well with potty training.  He's probably had about 3 accidents this week (not including naps/night time).  He's really growing into a real boy!  I love him so much and thank God for him every day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beautiful Lengths

So I did this today.  Hubby took care of the boys while I had 9 inches of my hair chopped off to donate.

The "Konk!" Theory

Last Christmas, CJ's favorite word was "hi."  Now it is a close race between "hi" and "konk!"  As many parents know, when your child first falls down you automatically gasp out of fear.  Then the child, seeing your reaction, starts to wail almost inconsolably.  So the next time they fall, you try to bite your lip instead of gasping.  Well, as it turns out, it's really hard not to gasp unless you have something better to say.

Tripping over the dog.  "Konk!"
I think it was towards the beginning of spring when we first started going outside this year when I invented, "Konk!"  CJ is about as clumsy as they come.  When we were at his two-year old doctor appointment, I had to seriously question what answer I should put for the question asking if your child can walk and run without falling down.  Our dog Lyna is tied to a cable when she is in our backyard because we don't have a real fence to keep her in, and this often is a source of tripping CJ.  He runs and trips over his shoes.  He bumps his head on tables.  He bumps his head on dirt.  What I'm trying to say is, the kid just isn't coordinated enough for the energy he contains.  So every time he fell, bumped his head, or scraped his finger, I would just say in a lighthearted tone, "Konk!"  He didn't cry, picked himself back up, had me wipe the dirt off, and went back to running.

Now, he says, "Konk," every time he barely bumps into something.  Only when it really hurts does he cry and need consoling, but through tear filled eyes he manages to get out a sad little, "Konk."  He also uses it when you bump something, bang something, or drop something.  I might say that my biggest piece of unwanted advice for a parent of a one to two year old would be to teach your kid, "Konk!"  It's saved us a lot of tears.  In fact, he'll often start laughing so hard he can barely get the word out when he falls down.  He's even learned to wipe the dirt off his own hands now.  So there it is--The "Konk!" Theory.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I'll love you forever

3 years ago, someone I never met went to heaven.  I have a niece or nephew named Quinn in heaven.  Quinn would have had an amazing mommy, daddy, and siblings.  While I never got to hold Quinn in my arms, the importance of his or her life will never be diminished.  I am praying for Quinn's mommy & daddy today--the day that little Quinn got to meet Jesus.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

Thursday, September 17, 2015


This was definitely before Lil Sir was born, but apparently I forgot to post it.  We'll blame it on the pregnancy brain.

I had some french bread in the freezer that I made into "pizza" of sorts for CJ & I to eat for dinner.  At the end of every meal, CJ pats on his leg and calls for Lyna.  Lyna isn't allowed in the room while we eat, but she can come clean up at the end.  So CJ did this tonight, but of course his hands are covered in sauce by this point.  He started patting on his leg and yelling "Yuyyyyyyy" (aka Lyna) and then he stops, looks at his leg, and says in his dramatic disappointed tone, "Awwwwww."  He didn't like having a sauce covered leg.  So then when I got my washrag to wipe off his hands, he holds his leg up in the air for me to wipe off first.

He also thinks it's hilarious that he can touch his toes to his forehead.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

These are a few of MY favorite things

My sister posted some of her favorite things for a one year old, so I thought I'd post some of mine.  We'll start with a 0-3 month old baby.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System, White
1.  A sound machine!  We have 2 different ones and I like them each for their own reason.  The Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System is nice because it can be really loud which is good when you're staying with a houseful of 22+ people for a week and it also has a fun projector that I occasionally use to distract CJ.  I also got the myBaby Sound Spa Portable which we use in our room or for quick trips to visit family.  While I try to avoid at all costs any sleep props, this is one that I am willing to live with and it's up to you to decide if you're willing to bring it with you everywhere or not.    This is what made CJ sleep as a newborn and also is what helps Lil Sir sleep as well.  I had it rush delivered the same day because I was so desperate for sleep.

aden by aden + anais Swaddleplus Safari Friends, 4 Count

2. aden + anais Swaddle blankets. I didn't have these with CJ because I didn't think they would be worth the price tag.  I got them as an Amazon warehouse deal this time around and they are totally worth the full price.  They are huge & soft!  I did an "unbreakable" swaddle with Lil Sir who by the way is approaching 16 pounds at just over 2 months and would never have fit in a normal size receiving blanket.  He instantly would fall right to sleep.  It was seriously amazing to watch.  Then one day it was raining.  I just got the blanket out of my diaper bag and covered up the whole entire car seat with it.  Let me repeat--this thing covered our giant (up to 30 lb baby) car seat.  No burp cloth--just use one of these!  Forgot your nursing cover--just use one of these!  I could literally forget everything at home except my aden + anais blanket and I'd be all good.  Though I'd probably cry if I had to use it as a diaper.

3. The Lily Jade.  I was fortunate enough to win a Lily Jade diaper bag (Anna in black) from a Facebook giveaway, and it is seriously amazing.  As a new mom again, I often go out and forget that I have replaced my make-up for spit-up.  However, it doesn't matter because I'm sure everyone is staring at my awesome bag.  It looks like a big bag, but is actually a super awesome diaper bag.  Some of them even convert to back packs which would be awesome.  The zipper is quiet for frantically searching for the pacifier in church.  The smell is wonderful.  They are easy to clean.  On and on....

4.  Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I was fortunate enough to be able to get one of these through my insurance so I never had to pay a dime for mine, but I would pay over 2,000 dimes for one if my insurance didn't cover it.  I don't actually have anything to compare it to, but I have heard rumors of other breast pumps that scare me.

Infantino - Union Ergonomic Baby Carrier
5. Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier.  It isn't the BEST carrier out there, but when you're trying to not spend a thousand dollars on every baby item, this is a good option.  It's soft, hip healthy for baby, and back healthy for you. It can be used on your front or back depending on how old your baby is.  It also works for babies 8 pounds to toddlers 40 pounds.

6. Halo Swaddle Sacks.  These rank up with the aden + anais for swaddling, but the advantage to these is it doesn't require a parenting degree to figure out.  They Velcro shut so if you have ever used a lunch box that Velcro's closed, then you can use these.  I am currently transitioning Lil Sir to being swaddled with his arms out and these make that a cinch. They also are hip-healthy and prevent SIDS.

7. Babywise.  This helped me figure out how babies work and how to get sleep.  If you are completely anti-cry-it-out, then don't bother.  If you haven't gotten a full nights sleep in years, then I bet you wish you had read it.  Or you could do as I did and read it and then decide which parts you want and which you don't.  CJ slept through the night a couple days after turning 2 months.  Lil Sir slept through the night last night at 2 months 2 weeks.  Eat-Play-Sleep is the best take away from it, but please don't starve your baby.

8. Jesus Storybook Bible.  We received this as a gift and love it.  Every story points to the need for Jesus at the end and I love instilling that in my babies young.

Favorite things for an Almost 2 Year Old:

Sesame Street Elmo Toddler 7 Pack Boys Briefs - Sports (2T-3T)
1. Underwear.  Seriously.  Best thing ever. I'm so glad we're through with diapers with him.  I don't have these Elmo ones, but I really wish I did because Elmo is the only TV character CJ recognizes ever since I got him an Elmo balloon just for fun.  Now he calls balloons Elmo.  We completely threw away diapers and put CJ in underwear and haven't looked back.  From what I read, that's the way to go.  Either that or go bare bottom.  Either way--do it and don't look back is what the book said.  So we did and it worked.  Will it work for everyone?  I have no clue.  I'm just as lost in this parenting thing as you are! haha

BABYBJORN Smart Potty - Orange
2. Baby Bjorn Smart Potty.  Why is it a smart potty?  Because it takes up hardly any space, is no frills, and doesn't scare your kid.  It doesn't slide around.  It's easy for him to get on and off all by himself.  He can put the cup back in without help.  It's orange (I-L-L!).  It has a bear.  It can go with us in the back of the car or SUV.  Thank the Lord for hatchbacks.  I spray it with Lysol every day and put a little bleach in the bottom every couple days cause I'm a freak like that ever since I took Microbiology in college.

3. Slide and Find Books. Sadly, my kid just doesn't like books all that much.  I don't know if it's the age or if I'm doing it wrong, but I just can't get him to take too much of an interest in books other than throwing them or stacking them up.  However, he does love Slide and Find books!  He's an active kid.  He needs something to do.  So this way he is reading and doing at the same time.  He loves his Trucks book, and especially now that he has learned all about the garbage truck.  These have also worked well the entire time he was 1.

4. Babies R Us umbrella stroller. The one we have has been discontinued, but this is the exact same thing just $5 more and with a peek-a-boo canopy.  This is fancier than the $20 one you can get at Walmart.  It has a little basket, a larger hood, and is also slightly taller and rated for kids up to 50 lbs.  I never got one of those giant stroller systems just because we never had room and I didn't want to deal with all that bulk.  I don't need a giant basket because I'm not going to empty my diaper bag into it.  I'm going to throw my diaper back over the handles or my shoulder.  This has got us through since he was about 5 months old.  I've even been just using this and wearing Lil Sir.

5. Discipline without Shouting or Spanking.  I don't even know if this is a "popular" book or not, I just happened to see it at a thrift store and thought it sounded like something I might need. (Hashtag desperate.)  It is super easy to read and broken down by topic.  It has advice on how to prevent problems, solve the problem, and an example to further help you out.  As I may have mentioned before, I got a degree in animals--not toddlers or preschoolers.  I know nothing about toddlers other than I've heard the "terrible twos" are bad but three is worse.  I don't even particularly like toddlers unless they are my own or related.  However, this has made it easier on my dumb-mom self.

6. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk.  I checked this out from the library in the Quad Cities when CJ was a baby still because it sounded interesting.  Since he couldn't do much wrong at the time, I started testing out their advice on my dear Hubby.  And it started working!  Now that CJ is older, I'm able to use some of the advice I learned in this book, and it helps prevent the dreaded meltdown.  I keep searching the bookshelves of my favorite thrift stores hoping to snag a copy to keep.

If I had to add more, I'd say things like lids off veggie pouches, Aldi diapers, cloth diapers, a diaper sprayer, clean & empty yogurt cups, rocks, chalk, and balls. Simpler is always better.