Monday, June 15, 2015

He's pretty fun

I don't even know how long it's been since I've posted an update on the adventures of CJ, Lyna, and myself.  He can be a handful at times when hubby is working a long home stand, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't get to me.  However, I recognize that this kid has brought me more smiles and laughter than any other kid in the world.

Hubby didn't have a game the other day so I said I would drop him off at work so CJ & I could venture into the civilized world.  I ended up at Burlington Coat Factory because they have everything (aka Baby Depot) and they have amazing clearances.  We made it to the shopping carts before I seriously considered turning around and going home.  CJ did NOT want to sit in the cart.  I pulled out the Cheerios or whatever snack it was that I had packed, and prayed for the best.  He lasted a while, but by the end of the trip, he was pushing the cart all the way to the door with a little steering help from mom.  Much like when we went to Sam's Club the day before & he helped push the cart there:
That's another thing I have become more and more aware of--helping.  CJ LOVES to "help" me with chores around the house.  He obviously can't do much, and when he does help I usually end up having to do things 2 or 3 times over.  After he is finished eating, I'll give him the washrag and he'll try to wipe up his spot at the table.  Once he is down from his chair, he will take his plate and silverware (which has usually ended up chucked on the ground) and toss it in the sink.  He'll also toss a few other items in the sink too that I need to get out.  He loves to help with laundry.  He always puts his pj's and clothes in his laundry basket.  He'll also take them out and put the basket on his head.  He'll pick up our clothes off the floor so I don't have to bend over and put them in our laundry baskets.  He wheeled the one laundry basket through the whole house with some guidance all the way to the washer.  Then he took out the dirty clothes and chucked them in the washer one by one.  Once they were washed, I handed him a piece at a time and he tossed them in the dryer.  He also threw a few magnets in there while he was at it.  He even helped unload the dryer.  He's not very good at folding, but he definitely helps with unfolding!  He also helps me stand up when I'm stuck.  The other night, he picked up his entire room by himself.  He had taken every book off the shelf and all the disposable diapers out of the diaper stacker, but he was very excited to put everything back.  I make sure I give him lots of praise and thanks for his help--I don't want it to end!

I am 3 weeks away from my due date, and I am feeling extremely uncomfortable.  My back hurts, I can't breathe, can't sleep, and I have to pee constantly.  They say, "Oh baby will drop and then you'll be able to breathe, but then you'll just have to pee more."  Well my baby must be perfectly balanced between my lungs and my bladder because I've got both.  This is all leading somewhere.  CJ & I have adapted our activities to involve mommy in a more relaxed position--such as playing on the bed.  I lay on my side, and he does a falling leap over me into the pillows.  Rest for me, giggles for him.  Yesterday, we watched a little bit of 101 Dalmations--which before you judge me, I rarely let him watch TV/movies.  During the scene where the dogs are barking throughout London to let the other dogs know that the puppies were missing, he kept saying, "Woof, woof, woof, woof."  Then it got to the horse that neighed, and CJ goes, "NAAAAYYYYY!!!"  It was seriously funny--your probably had to be there.

We did go for a walk to the ice cream place down the road.  I checked the radar before we left, and it wasn't supposed to rain for another 2 hours.  By the time I walked out of the restaurant with our food, I looked up at the sky and I could see the storm clouds rolling in.  They were moving so fast!  I said a few things about in my head and decided we had to book it to beat the storm.  Of course, super pregnant lady pushing a stroller while carrying ice cream didn't go so well and we ended up getting wet.  But we beat the worst of it!  And we had ice cream.

Currently, we are having a new roof put on the house that we are renting.  We'd been collecting buckets of water, and the landlord decided a new roof might be warranted.  CJ thinks all the pick up trucks are cool along with falling shingles getting thrown down.  The truck they brought to put the new shingles on the roof had him standing still just staring out the window for so long, I was able to sit at the table and read a magazine!

I don't know what else we've done that was exciting or worth mentioning.  Our lives might seem pretty dull, but to us it's a new adventure every day!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ladder Back Rush Chair Makeover! Finished product!

Just over a month ago, I posted about how I had found these 3 ladder back chairs with rush seats on a resale group on Facebook for only $25.  I am very pleased to say that I have FINALLY finished their makeover!  Here are the before and afters:
*Drum roll please!*

When I started out with the sanding, I thought to myself, "What the heck was I thinking?!  I'm 8 months pregnant and trying to bend over and sand an ugly, hopeless chair!"  But I enlisted some help with the sanding....
I started with the chair that was in the worst shape.  It had a couple places where there were deep chips missing so I got some wood filler & did my best at patching up the holes.  Some of them also needed just a touch of wood glue to make them a little sturdier again.

Ready for paint!

 At first I started with a can of spray paint (a mask and outdoor ventilation) because I read that it would easier to do that way.  As it turns out, I'm not very good at spray painting, and it takes A LOT of paint for one chair.  A whole can of spray paint in fact.  So then I got smart and bought a small container of white paint for $10 and took my time.  One by one, I slowly but surely got them done.  I debated for a while on whether I should paint the rush seats or leave them "natural," but in the end it was easier to not have to tape anything as well as I liked the "aged" look of an imperfect paint job on the rush seats.  After doing the second one, I spent a long time trying to convince myself to finish the last chair.

The other day, my pregnancy crazy got the best of me and I decided to paint the steps from the kitchen to the laundry room white since the plain plywood with the stamps and all on it was driving me to insanity further.  (These are also the 2 steps in the house that CJ fell down when he got his first bloody nose.)
Since I had the can of paint out again, I decided that it was also time to finish the last chair.  I sat on the front porch with my now 9 month belly in my lap and sanded it.  After a couple coats of paint and some drying time, it was ready for the finishing touch.  They all got a coat of clear gloss for extra protection--I don't want to have to paint them again anytime soon! 

Now with the new baby on the way, I can rest easy(-er) knowing that we have extra seating when we have company and 2 of my chairs are taken up by strap on booster seats and high chairs.  Surprisingly, despite their age, they are all still sturdy, especially now that I've added the wood glue.  They all got a new red seat cushion from IKEA ($12 for 3 of them), and I think they look very clean with their new look.