Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanks In ALL

So we have mice.  At first I wanted to pretend like it wasn't a real thing and that Lyna was just sniffing around like crazy because she is crazy.  But I decided to get some traps anyway  "just in case."  About 10 minutes after setting up the traps, I saw a mouse scurry into the living room!  The hunt was on.  The stories are quite comical so I thought I'd share, even though they're disgusting little creatures to have, I might as well enjoy the heeby jeebies.

Mouse 1:  Scurried into the living room.  I found him under our end table.  Hubby & I grabbed boots and started swatting.  He then scurried behind the couch to another corner where he met his doom.

Mouse 2:  We were watching a movie, and I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  Hubby thought I was crazy.  We started looking for him, but couldn't figure out where he went.  So we decided to check in the storage compartment under our couch.  Just about the time Hubby thought I was crazy, the little mouse pops out 2 inches from my foot and scares the tar out of me!  Of course Hubby still hadn't seen it, so he maintained my insanity was real.  The little guy scurried out the other side of the couch from where we were & ran into one of my traps by the dog's cage.  Then comes the part where you have to figure out what to do with the still living body.  We decided squishing was bad enough the first time.  Figured the paintball gun wouldn't work.  And the rubberband gun wouldn't be powerful enough.  So I drowned him.  :/

Mouse 3:  Wasn't that exciting other than a huge chase with a giant metal spatula while Channer was watching saying, "Mommy?  Mommy?"  Also ran into one of my traps which I had tripled the amount I set from the first night by now.

Mouse 4:  Hubby was on the computer, and I was in the kitchen.  He came in with a package of crackers and said he saw another mouse.  By this point, it was war.  He said he had seen it on the desk where he was sitting munching on some crackers.  The nerve of that mouse!  So we went searching through all the stuff that gets hidden behind the computer out of reach of CJ.  It was on my to-do list to organize the desk, and it got done.  Hubby grabbed the curtain that falls behind the desk & started screaming!  The mouse was in the curtains--and he had touched it between his fingers!  In my mind, I was thinking, "Finally, I'm not the only one to get freaked out by them!"  So while Hubby was shaking off the heeby jeebies, I got under the desk to try and heard him towards my trap, and it worked!

I just finished reading my favorite book The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom, and in it she talks about giving thanks for fleas that kept the Nazi officers out of their room where they were hiding a Bible and holding a Bible study.  So I'm going to give thanks for mice because they're helping Hubby and I have fun chasing after these darn creatures.  And they are kind of cute, I just don't really want them in my home.

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  1. I am encouraged to read your mice stories and how you are giving thanks even in the midst of something you'd rather not have going on. :) Hope the problem is resolved by now. ;)