Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas family fun!

This past week, we packed our bags and drove a whole 45 minutes west to stay with Hubby's siblings, their spouses, and all of there kids along with his parents.  Of course, since he's one of 5 kids, this made for a houseful of 24 people from 5 months up to 60-odd years old!  Everyone thinks we're crazy, but it is a lot of fun.  The one dozen kids all get along well most of the time, they have plenty of grown ups and a couple big kids now who can read stories, and the weather wasn't too bad so they even got to go outside and play a few days.  They even rode tricycles around in the garage when it was cold outside. 

Christmas Eve we went to my in-laws' church for their family service where we pretty much took over the front section of the pews.  Bubby wanted me to stand, and CJ conked his head during the service and started crying--but luckily they weren't the only kids there causing a ruckus!  Then we put the kids to bed and had a grown up dinner which was attended by one not so sleepy baby.  My sister in-law had set the table with fancy plates and cloth napkins.  My father in-law had brought some wine for us to try from one of his trips this year.  We managed to finish the bottle by the end of the night.  Luckily there were lots of people to split it with.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting to see the spouses interact with each other and with their children.  Now that I have children, I especially appreciate seeing that it isn't just my kid having problems being perfect.  All of my nieces & nephews are so well behaved though, really, and it truly is a testament to how their parents have raised them.  I like taking mental notes about different parenting tactics that they have.  They each have their own ways of doing things, but they all radiate love for their children and it is so wonderful to see.  I forget the exact wording that one of my sis in-laws said, but she was saying how love is more powerful than anything and the same applies to disciplining her children.  As Hubby would say, I have "quality" sisters & brothers in-law and I can glean so much wisdom from them--I wish Christmas happened once a month.  Every day would be exhausting. haha.

We were supposed to be going to my parents this evening to stay, but the weather is awful right now so my dad said we should wait until morning to come.  He is worried that we won't be able to see if the road is flooded or not, which is so funny because I was just talking about how he worries about weather and safety when we're traveling a lot.  I am learning to trust him a lot more now that I'm older.  So we're just going to listen to his advice and stay home for the night.  It will be good to get an extra night of rest before leaving anyway, right?  Also good to make sure our laundry room doesn't flood.

In other news, Bubby is thisclose to being able to sit up and be left sitting there without fear of him falling over instantly!  CJ had a great Christmas and loved playing with his cousins.  He had a rough time sharing toys, but he hasn't really had to do that yet so I'm sure we'll be learning a lot about that over the next few years. Luckily, I got a few ideas from my older, wiser siblings!  Well, I have laundry to fold while CJ is sleeping!  Bubby is smiling next to me beckoning my attention as well.  :D

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